smallbusinessThere are several types of small business insurance and the needs of every business varies. CGB Insurance has the plans and resources you need to get the right insurance to protect your business.

CGB provides insurance to cover businesses from loss due to crime, fire, flood, equipment failure, injury or the death of a key employee and more.


Our insurance policies include:

  • Buildings, Renovations, Fixtures and Vehicles
  • Liability (Premises, Operations, Products and Completed Operations)
  • Life Insurance (Sole Proprietor, Partnership, Corporation)
  • Inventory Loss
  • Theft, Forgery and Alterations
  • Equipment Breakdown (Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, Electrical, Mechanical, Kitchen Equipment, Heating)
  • Computers (Hardware, Software, Media and Recovery Costs)
  • Personal Injury (Libel, Slander, Defamation of Character, Wrongful Eviction, Invasion of Privacy)
  • Workers’ Compensation (Life and Health Insurance Coverage)
  • Employer Pension Plans
  • Garage Insurance
  • Dealer Open Lot Insurance
  • EPLI Insurance
  • Professional Liability Insurance
  • Auto Fleet Insurance Programs
  • Inland Marine Coverage
  • Construction & Contractors Insurance

Here at CGB we believe that each client has its unique challenges and we pride ourselves on assessing each situation individually and developing a unique service which is suitable for each client. Contact us today to get your personalized service.